Private registration gives you full control over your private domain names while providing the protection you need online


Why Private Domain Registration?

Ensure that your domain names are safe and securePrivate registration through Domains By Proxy gives you full control over your private domain names while providing the protection you need online.

With Domains By Proxy, your personal identity is concealed, your privacy is maintained, domain-related spam is decreased, business endeavors are shielded, and domain name hijacking is prevented. Domains By Proxy even creates a private and unique email address for each domain name. You get to decide if you want the email forwarded to you, filtered, or completely blocked. All of these benefits and more will ensure that both you and your domain name are safe and secure.

What is Private Registration?

Private domain registration hides personal domain name contact informationThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires that we make the contact information associated with domain names available to the public via the Whois directory.

The Whois database is an online repository of information associated with registered domain names. It stores and publicly displays domain name information, such creation and expiration dates, the registrar of record, and its various contacts (registrant, billing, administrative, and technical).

Private domain registration is a service that hides personal domain name contact information like your name, address, email address, and phone number from the public. We understand the thought of displaying your personal information to the public is alarming – but we're here to protect and help you! Our affiliate company, Domains By Proxy®, offers a private registration service that lets you list Domain By Proxy's contact information in the Whois database instead of your own!

Private Domain Registration

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Private Domain RegistrationRegister your private domain names with us and protect yourself from spam, scams, and prying eyes.

Private Domain Registration Product Plans and Pricing

Private Registration

How much is privacy worth to you?

Did you know that anytime you register a domain, your personal information is exposed 24 hours a day? Your name. Your address. Your phone number. Your email. It's all published online for anyone to see, as mandated by ICANN. But you have the power to change this. With Private Registration…

  • Your domain is registered under the name Domains By ProxyYour domain is registered under the name Domains By Proxy, so its information is made public — not yours.
  • You retain full control of your domain. You can cancel, sell, renew or transfer your domain, set up name servers for your domain and resolve disputes involving your domain.
  • You manage and control all email addressed to the domain, as well as the domain's contact information, with Domains By Proxy's patented registration and email handling systems.

Public vs. Private

Public vs. Private domain registrationWith a public registration, John Smith's personal information is available for anyone to see in the Whois listing for his domain - anywhere, anytime.

But a private registration with Domains By Proxy shields John Smith's personal information from public display -- and the private email address we create allows John to control who reaches him.