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    Company profile

    About us

     Anhui Tianchang Tianyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianchang, a beautiful riverside city in the east of Anhui Province. It is an enterprise specializing in the production and sale of various DC motors and AC motor drivers. The company has more than 100 employees, including several senior technicians, with annual production and sales of more than 500,000 sets of products, with sales channels all over the country and some products exported to foreign markets.

    The company mainly produces all kinds of DC brush and brushless motor drivers, AC motor drivers, permanent magnet synchronous motor drivers, switched reluctance motor drivers, speed regulators and DC stepping motor drivers. The production is mainly distributed in the fields of industrial speed regulation and industrial servo of electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric tricycles and electric sightseeing bus. The company can carry out special R&D and production for customers according to the product functions specified by customers.


    The company has perfect production equipment, forge ahead and keep improving. Follow the needs of the market and the standards of the industry to innovate constantly, improve the scientific and technological content and keep improving. Set mold, screen printing, wire, automatic plug-in, testing, equipment and other one-stop production process. In the production process, the production is organized strictly according to the international quality assurance system of ISO9000.


    Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the service tenet of "Quality First, Honesty Management", and has been constantly reforming and innovating to actively explore the market. Willing to create a better tomorrow with old and new customers.

    Advantage interpretation

    • Professional production

      Pay attention to the improvement of product quality and performance.

    • Technical personnel

      Senior R&D talents fully control the production quality.

    • Delivery and transportation

      Ensure that products arrive quickly and in time.

    • management philosophy

      Do one's best and do one's duty.

    Mission responsibility
    social responsibility

    • Honesty culture

      Respecting individuals and respecting employees' integrity is the premise and guarantee of quality, and today's quality is tomorrow's market.

      sustainable development

      On the basis of selecting materials with high environmental protection grade, the manufacturing process adheres to the consistent rigorous attitude, ensuring the perfect and worry-free product delivery and subsequent use.


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